Valtellina 1 - Middle Valley - SO/Italy
M01 (133364 byte) Lonely larch at Alpe Granda M167 (210802 byte) - Autumn at Alpe Granda M06 (129144 byte) Path to Alpe Granda
M08 (89819 byte) Mountain hut at Prato Maslino M09 (144720 byte) Mountain hut at Prato Maslino M02 (185274 byte)  Neighbourhood of hut Alpini St. Stefano
M291 (235875 byte) - Forame Valley and Pizzo Painale (3248mt) M292 (341048 byte) - The stream in Forame Valley M293 (304287 byte) - Little lake near Bivouac Cederna (2676mt)
M12 (99278 byte) - Avalanche in Fontana Valley M168 (263594 byte) - Mount Cavalcorto (2763mt) and Mount Pizzi del Ferro (3289mt) M341 (382328 byte) - The little church at Maggenghi Foppa (1100mt) going up to Prato Maslino (1610mt)
M365 (233726 byte) - St. Rocco Church (year 1300) in the Fontana Valley (780mt)

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