Valtellina 2 - Cedec Valley - SO/Italy
M105 (173474 byte) - Mount St. Matteo M123 (209366 byte) - Daybreak at Pizzini Hut (2706mt) M124 (104479 byte) - Unsettled weather near Pizzini Hut
M190 (172847 byte) - Mount Gran Zebrý (3851mt) M191 (248955 byte) - Mount Gran Zebrý (3851mt) M192 (180277 byte) - Cedec Valley climbing Mount Cevedale (3769mt). In the lower part you can see Pizzini Hut (2706mt)
M193 (240434 byte) - Cevedale glaciar M194 (233939 byte) - Cevedale glaciar M195 (210081 byte) - Mount Cevedale (3769mt)
M125 (158736 byte) - View of Zebrý Valley from the bivouac Passi dello Zebrý (3028mt)

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