Curti Hut

The Curti Hut is located on the Alpe Cusone, at the final part of the Starleggia Valley, amidst other chalets present there.

Campodolcino, on the main road no. 36 (called "dello Spluga"), is the starting point to reach the hut, taking the new road to Madesimo.
After some hundreds meters on the left hand there is a bridge across the Liro leading to an asphalt carriage road, in good condition, that goes twisty uphill to the wood; before coming to Starleggia (1565mt), along the way, a beautiful waterfall (see picture below) may be seen.
The car can be left there and a signboard indicates the mule track climbing above the village (C20: S. Sisto 0:30 hour/ Servizio Pass 2:50 hours C21: Piano Cavalli and Bianco Lake 2:45 hours).

Among the houses there is a sign indicating the way to Frondaglio on the left hand, but it is necessary to take the other one indicating S. Sisto.
Beyond the village the road climbs steeply among meadows, offering a wonderful panoramic view over the Pizzo Groppera behind and the village Campodolcino in the valley.
Further on, entering the wood, some steps take the place of the mule track and the climb is far easier.
At an altitude of 1780mt the wood ends near a little votive chapel and an ancient bell tower (see picture below).
The village S. Sisto is not far from there and it is located at the beginning of the broad Starleggia Valley's plain, at the end of which the huts of the Alpe Cusone may be already seen, right at the foot of the mountains.
The Pizzo Groppera and and the Pizzo Stella stand out behind the observer.

Just after the S. Sisto village there are some indicators: on the right hand there is the path C20 to the Pian dei Cavalli and the Bianco Lake (2:15 hours) and on the left hand the path C21 to the Alpe Morone, the Servizio Pass (2:20 hours) and the Lago del Truzzo (a lake, 3:40 hours).
I would personally suggest taking the second one.
The path turns right and among trees leads to an abandoned quarry, after which a wooden bridge allows to cross a torrent.

The path goes uphill again after a long way into a plain from S. Sisto to there.
The road ends and a path on the right hand takes its place; it leads to the huts of the Alpe Morone, on the left hand, but I would suggest going on and crossing the wooden bridge.
The destination is not far from there, just after having crossed some meadows.

Those who haven't been there for a long time will be surprised discovering that the Curti Hut is now the farmhouse Baita dei Fiori.

Time: 1:15 hours rise of 290mt


  • to the C Bianca Bivouac (2530mt) in 1:30 hours
  • to the Servizio Pass Bivouac (2584mt) in 3:30 hours
  • to the Cecchini Bivouac (2750mt) in 6 hours

Val Chiavenna
Alpe Cusone
Campodolcino - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - A3
Pierino dell'Ava
Manager's phone:
0343 24279
Hut Phone:
368 265353
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Picture of the hut
A waterfall at the beginning of the itinerary
The bell tower of S. Sisto

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