Chiavenna Hut

The Chiavenna Hut is located on the Alpe Angeloga, facing its namesake lake and the wonderful Pizzo Stella, which towers above the whole area.

1st itinerary: from Fracisco - Le Soste (signboard C 3)
Campodolcino (1071mt) may be reached from the main road (no. 36); once there, a turn to the right leads to Fracisco (1341mt), and on to Le Soste (1440mt) where the road ends and parking space is found.

The walk begins uphill along a broad mule track, it crosses a dry riverbed and continues uphill after the plain.
Here a larch wood can be seen on the left hand side, while the Rabbiosa torrent runs on the right hand side.
Proceeding further into the plain there is a climb that ends into a wide area: from here, the mule track becomes narrower and slightly steeper. Straight after a few rocky steps there is a signboard indicating the Alpe Angeloga right ahead.
The path narrows again and becomes twisty going uphill, leading to a stony monolith, at the base of which there is a wooden crucifix (1600mt).

The track continues uphill, sometimes with rocky steps, and leads to a torrent to wade; after a plain the path goes uphill again.
The path turns left as it is shown by a red indicator and small white-red flags and red triangles mark the track.
The mountains are right ahead and the torrent Rabbiosa behind: the most difficult part begins right there.
The way leads across a dry torrent and then goes uphill again.

The top of the Pizzo Stella is already visible on the right hand and after a short level path, a series of difficult sharp bends begins.
At an altitude of 1870mt a little waterfall may be seen and not far from it there is a memorial tablet commemorating a dead 20-year-old boy.
Some steps lead to a passage in the rock (1915mt) where a little iron cross may be found, and after it there is a plain with two little streams to cross: they run down the mountains creating some short waterfalls.
After a climb there is another plain, with a torrent running across it. The road goes then uphill and a red sign indicates the Chiavenna Hut in ten minutes.
Following the torrent a little valley, located between rock faces, may be reached, but the path is flooded by some little streams.
The way goes slightly uphill and is covered by some big and little rocks.
The difficult part is finally over, and the meadows of the Alpe Angeloga are right ahead.
A path going round a low hill, on whose top there is a stone commemorating those who died in the war, leads to the lake and the hut.

Time: 2 hours – a rise of 604mt

2nd itinerary: from Madesimo-Motta (signboard C 10)
Madesimo, Motta (1725mt), where there is a parking space near the Bucaneve Hotel, is the starting point; after it the way goes along the steep meadow side between two ski lifts, towards the already visible statue of Nostra Signora d’Europa.
The path turns left and then, beyond a fence, a fountain and some huts may be seen.
An unpaved road leads to Motta Alta and the Azzurro Lake, but a deviation to visit the statue is worth it; it is reached taking the track on the right, and going beyond the two ski lifts.
The statue, built by the sculptor Egidio Casagrande and made of embossed copper and gold-plated, is 13.50mt high, more a base of 6.50mt.

The original track is found passing below the second ski lift and then across a meadow, then it turns right and the Pizzo Stella is already in sight.
After a plain the path goes uphill again through a series of bends. Then it becomes easier and, on the brink of a precipice, goes round the Costa di Fortezza.
The path climbs then more steeply to an altitude of 2228mt; an unfinished cableway may be seen along the way and finally a downhill path leads to the Alpe Angeloga, already visible.
Time: 2 hours.

I advise who suffers from vertigo not to choose this path, and moreover I suggest to be cautious: there are parts on the brink of precipices, and many of them are really frightful.


  • to the Nero Lake (2351mt) in 1 hour
  • to the Angeloga Pass (2391mt) in 1:15 hours
  • to the Baita del Capriolo Hut (1961mt) in 4 hours
  • to the Pian del Nido Bivouac (1945mt) in 2:30 hours
  • to the Pizzo Stella (3163mt) in 4 hours
  • to the Chiara and Walter Bivouac (2660mt) in 4 hours

Val Chiavenna
Campodolcino - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - B3
Monica Mortarotti
Manager’s phone:
349 2900147
Hut Phone:
0343 50490
June to September
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Picture of the hut
The statue of Nostra Signora d'Europa
The Pizzo Stella and path C10
The Alpe Angeloga
Lake Angeloga
Horses at grass around the lake
A view of Lake Angeloga climbing to Lake Nero
Lake Nero
Little lakes near Angeloga Pass
Lake Ballone

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