Chianova Hut

The Chianova Hut is located on the Verceia's hills, on the orographic left side of the Valle dei Ratti.

The place is accessible from the main road no. 36 of Spluga, after Colico and the Novate Lake.
After the first tunnel there is a road on the right leading to the S. Fedele church and then going on uphill with sharp bends up to an unpaved area, at Predello (520mt). The road ends in an area among trees.

Among the paths starting there, I would suggest to take the mule track on the far left (signboard hanging from a tree: Foppaccia) and to go on uphill to a chestnut wood.
At an altitude of 800mt, after a crossroads going down to the Cappella Montini, there are some huts in ruins in the locality of Pecendrè and from this point on birches and then beeches take the place of chestnuts.
After about 100mt there is a signboard indicating in the local dialect: “A la posa in mez ai fò, leghia net come se al fudes to”. (= leave the wood clean as if it was your home)
Just beyond the wood there is the series of Tecc's huts (see picture below) before Foppaccia, a village not far from there, after the church.

The hut is located in the centre of the village, and the sight on the Mezzola Lake and the Chiavenna plain is great: the villages of Codera and Frasnedo, at the foot of the mountains, among which the Sasso Manduino stands out (2888mt), are clearly visible on the right hand.
Behind the hut there are the Bassetta (1746mt) and Culmine (1818mt) mounts.
Time: 1:30 hours


  • crossing to the Volta hut or to the Primalpia Bivouac: in 3/ 4 hours
  • to the Bassetta Mount (1746mt) in 2 hours
  • to the Culmine Mount (1818mt) in 2:30 hours
  • to the Brusada Mount (2143mt) in 4 hours

Val Chiavenna
Verceia - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - B7
Bruno Benaglio
Manager's phone:
0343 39015
Hut Phone:
0343 44342
upon request
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Picture of the hut
Reaching the hut: panorama over the valley
Reaching the hut: panorama of the mountains

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