Castellaccio Hut

The Castellaccio Hut is located on a hill between the two dams that limit the Montespluga Lake (see picture below). It is easily accessible from the main road no. 36.

Just beyond the Stuetta Hut and with the dams at sight, on the left hand there is an unpaved road going up to the guardian's house.
The car can be left there and keeping the left the hut is not far.
It is also possible to reach it directly from the main road and the passage over the dams, if the gate on the road is open.

The old Roman route Cardinello, that is the old road to the Spluga Pass, is still accessible.
Isola (1260mt), a village accessible keeping the left hand from the main road no. 36 in Campodolcino or further on in Pianazzo, could be the starting point.
There is an unpaved road that starts in Isola (sign C 18), goes along a torrent and after the Enel power plant leads to Torni (1351mt)
The road becomes then a path and goes on to the Liro Valley: the most beautiful part of the itinerary starts after a turn to the right.
In some parts the path has been hollowed out in the rocks and is high up above the valley floor, where the torrent flows.
After the narrow Gole del Cardinello, the dams are very close and the hut as well.
Time: 1:45 hours.


  • to the Stuetta Hut (1870mt) in 0:15 hour
  • to the Bertacchi Hut (2196mt) across the Andossi in 2 hours
  • to the Cecchini Bivouac (2740mt) across the Schisarolo Valley (path C17) in 3 hours
  • to the Suretta Bivouac (2748mt) in 3 hours

Val Chiavenna
Lake Montespluga
Madesimo - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - A1
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0343 35068
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Picture of the hut
The Montespluga Lake with snow in winter
The main road that goes over Spluga Pass

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