Bertacchi Hut

The Hut, dedicated to the great poet from the Valchiavenna, Giovanni Bertacchi, is located in the upper S. Giacomo Valley, near the Emet Lake. It is accessible from two panoramic paths.

1st Itinerary
Just after the dam of the Montespluga Lake there are some houses and a parking area (1901mt) on the right hand.
The car may be parked there, and the unpaved road starts right after a bar.

A signboard indicates if the hut is open.
The wheel track climbs, slightly uphill, along the southern side of the Pizzo Spadolazzo among meadows, rocky grounds and rhododendron bushes.
Whilst the lake becomes less visible, the marmot whistle may be heard again and again, and high stakes along the road mark the path in case of snow.
Next to an iron gate there is a low dry-stone wall, and after it a path that climbs on the right hand from Madesimo, but the suggested path is found cutting a corner and taking the other direction.
After having left the unpaved road leading to a quarry, a path on the right hand (signboard: lago Emet- rif. Bertacchi) may be seen.
Being on the side of the Scalcoggia Valley, the Montespluga Lake is not visible anymore; further on the sight will fall on Madesimo.
The hut is already visible, in the distance, but it is necessary to follow a semicircular steep route to reach it.
The path is partly flat and partly slightly uphill.
The path, after a stream flowing on the left hand, is on the brink of a precipice and fortunately there are two chains, useful in case of snow, to which one can hold on; however the track is wide enough.
Another stream flows and branches off before crossing the route. Further on there is a steeper path equipped with another chain, leading to a plain.
The hut is right ahead; a few steps further on there is the Emet Lake and the destination.
Time: 1:15 hours

2nd Itinerary
From Macolini (1650mt), municipality of Madesimo (1560mt) - signboard C6.
This path is suggested in the winter time.
The car may be left in the parking area where a level unpaved road starts.

After having crossed a wooden bridge above a stream to reach its right bank, the starting point of the C6 path (signboard: Rif. Bertacchi ore 1.30) may be found.
On the left hand there is an unpaved road and the Scalcoggia torrent flowing along the valley.
In the first part there are some little streams that cross the route.
The path becomes steeper and remains the same to the end of it, but fortunately further on some steps ease the way along a beautiful and sunny path.
At this point a waterfall may be admired and reached after a series of sharp bends.
Not much later there is another one, formed by the outflowing stream of the Emet Lake, and a stony bridge.
At a crossroads the easiest way may be taken keeping the right hand: the two paths rejoin further on.
The hut is very close and already visible.


  • to the Niemet Pass (2294mt) in half an hour
  • to the Ghiacciato Lake (2508mt) in 1:30 hours
  • to the Pizzo Spadolazzo (2722mt) in 2 hours
  • to the Suretta Bivouac (2748mt) in 2:30 hours
  • to the Pizzo Suretta (3027mt) in 3:30 hours
  • to the Pizzo d'Emet (3209mt) in 3:30 hours
  • to the Pizzo Mater (3023mt) in 4 hours
  • to the Pizzo della Palý (3172mt) in 4 hours
  • to the Baita del Capriolo Hut (Lei Lake) across the Pass del Crot (2740mt) in 4:30 hours
  • to the Chiavenna Hut (2044mt) across the Sterla Pass (2948mt) in 6 hours

Val Chiavenna
Emet Lake
Madesimo - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - B1
Alessandro Chiapello
Managerís phone:
Hut Phone:
335 6817062
summer and we spring/summer
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Picture of the hut
Picture of the hut from the Emet Pass
Flowers near the Emet Lake

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