Baita del Capriolo Hut

The Baita del Capriolo Hut is located on the western shore of the broad artificial basin of the Lei Valley.
You can reach it in two ways.

-by car: going down the Spluga Pass to the Grisons Canton reaching Splügen and Avers, then going over the Ferrera Valley.
Not far from the village Innerferrera (1480mt) there is a crossroads, which, on the right hand, goes up to a tunnel; going on, the custom and a parking space in front of the dam are found.
The tunnel is only open from May to November, from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.
The dam (see picture below), built in the ‘50s, is 690mt long and 173mt high, and serves as barrier to the Reno di Lei, one of the rivers that form the Reno.
After having crossed the dam, keeping the right, it takes 15 minutes by walk to reach the hut.

- by walk: it takes 4/5 hours: starting from hut Chiavenna and going over Angeloga Pass (2391mt), or taking the cableway in Madesimo to Groppera and then going down, in about one hour on foot.

At the hut a bike can be rented to easily ride along the road, which skirts the western shore of the lake, about 10km long.


  • to the Pian del Nido Bivouac, in 2 hours going along the whole lake (see picture below)
  • and continuing from there, in 2:30 hours and with a rise of 700mt, to the Chiara Giuriani and Walter Borzi Bivouac
  • to the Chiavenna Hut crossing the Angeloga Pass, in 4 hours

Val Chiavenna
Alpe del Crot
Piuro - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - B1
Valentino Del Curto
Manager's phone:
0343 34286
Hut Phone:
0041 816671136
May to November
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Picture of the hut
The Lake Lei's dam
The Lake Lei and the Pizzo Stella

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