Locanda di Codera Hut

The old village Codera (see picture below), where the hut is located, is almost deserted now and still accessible by walk only.

There are two mule tracks leading to the Codera Valley and accessible driving from Colico to Mezzolpiano (316mt), after Novate Mezzola.

1st itinerary: path A6
The classic one begins at the parking area, which is the starting point of the Roma Path and the Italia Path- Lombardy North 3.
Climbing the hydrographic right side of the valley, with steps up to Avedče (790mt), you can have a look at the beautiful panorama over the Como and Novate lakes (see picture below).
Further on the land is level and less difficult; the mule track becomes a path, which sometimes seems to be hollowed out in the sheer rocks.
In some parts it is protected by a tunnel, especially from the water running down and forming some little waterfalls; finally sharp bends lead to Codera.
Time: 1:45 hours – rise of +600-91mt

2nd itinerary: path A5
The other path is less famous, longer, but also more rewarding especially in the summer time, because it is less crowded.
The mule track to S. Giorgio begins beyond a quarry, keeping the left hand after having crossed the bridge over the Codera Torrent.
This path is characterized by big steps and many sharp bends as the other one.
A wooden cross with a small black effigy of the Virgin Mary is found along the way and proceeding through a wonderful birches wood, San Giorgio (748mt) is reached. All the houses there are made of stone and are inhabited from spring to autumn only; the village also hosts a noteworthy Celtic grave, which was fully hollowed out in a block of granite.
Much care should be taken in going down the deep Revelaso Valley, especially in its last part which is on the brink of a precipice.
After having crossed the path called Tracciolino, the long way should be taken going through a wonderful chestnuts wood to reach Cola (1018mt), a little village inhabited during the summer time only and characterized by stony houses in line one to another.
This route rejoins then the Tracciolino, which has to be abandoned at the crossroads to Cii (851mt), keeping the track on the right hand.
Two stony bridges in Romanesque style, masterpieces of architecture, allow people to cross the Ladrogno Valley and the Codera torrent.
A few steps further on and the village is reached.

Time: 3 hours – rise of +690-135mt

One of the first houses you see in Codera is the La Locanda Hut and right ahead there is another hut: the Osteria Alpina.

The ethnographic museum is worth a visit because it contains several vestiges of the village’s past.
A kitchen and a bedroom with all the old utensils and working tools have been restored in it.
Moreover there are sectors involving the village’s flora and fauna, mineralogy and history.
The museum is open every day from May to September and only during weekends in the other months. (opening hours: 10/12 a.m.- 3/6 p.m.).


  • to the La Locanda Hut (850mt) in 5 minutes
  • to the Bresciadega Hut (1214mt) in 1 hour
  • to the Brasca Hut (1304mt) in 1:30 hours
  • to the Valli Bivouac (1900mt) in 3:30 hours
  • to the Pedroni-Dal Prŕ Bivouac (2600mt) in 4 hours
  • to the Casorate Sempione Bivouac (2100mt) in 3 hours

Val Chiavenna
Novate M. - SO
Kompass Map:
92 - B6
Angela e Brigitte
Amici della Val Codera
Manager’s phone:
338 5377579
Hut Phone:
0343 62037
open all year round
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Picture of the hut
Panoramic view over Codera
The Novate Mezzola Lake, while going up to the hut

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