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Map of Lombardy and of Valtellina Valley

This is a widespread, extended valley running from the west to the east of the northern Lombardy county. Its northern boundary is drawn by the Retiche Alps and the southern by the Orobie Alps. The valley's altitude varies from the mere 188mt in the area named Pian di Spagna to the far west, up to the 4000mt height of the Pizzo Bernina, the most eastern peak among the Italian mountains surpassing 4000mt in height.

The Valtellina valley is subdivided by a number of valleys of varying length and width, on either side of the mountains. I have dedicated a few special pages which look at the details of some of these valleys, such as the Malenco Valley and the Masino Valley.
The main town is Sondrio, which names the province also; it is located approximately in the center of the valley. Other relevant towns in the area are Morbegno, Tirano and Bormio.

It is interesting to point out a few local recipes, obviously quite high in their calories' count, typical of the rustic country and alpine gastronomy:
- the "pizzoccheri", which are a typical buckwheat pasta garnished with abundant butter and a local semi-fat cheese named "Bitto".
- the "taragna", which is a kind of "polenta" (a type of porridge made with maize flour) to which, before removing from the heating flame, one must add butter and cheese chopped into tiny cubes.
- the "sciatt", which are buckwheat flapjacks, uneven in shape, containing a piece of cheese.

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