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M03 (369601 byte) - Picnic area Artesso M04 (237248 byte) - View from Bellano hut M156 (269015 byte) - Mount Zuccone Campelli (2159mt)
M97 (246288 byte) - Climbing to Mount Due Mani M98 (128556 byte) - Mount Due Mani: cross and bivuac M226 (295207 byte) - Autumn colours at Tedoldo (1200mt)
M333 (212519 byte) - Lake Lecco seen from the window of Manavello Bivouac M336 (362095 byte) - PrÓ Vescovin - Era Alta (980mt) going up to Mount Zucco Sileggio M337 (343605 byte) - After the snow the crocus herald the spring
M338 (278236 byte) - Panorama going up to Emanuela Bivouac (1260mt) M339 (289986 byte) - Panorama going up from Emanuela Bivouac (1260mt) to Mount Due Mani (1657mt) M340 (306521 byte) - Lake Como seen from the top of Mount Zucco Sileggio (1360mt)

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