Valli Orobie 3 - Valtellina Valley - SO/Italy
M13 (97130 byte) - The fountain of Bar Bianco hut M19 (162343 byte) - Hut and church Saffratti M20 (95146 byte) - The fountain of Saffratti hut
M58 (254085 byte) - Bitto Valley M59 (106313 byte) - The lake Frera M115 (286592 byte) - Lake Scais climbing to hut Mambretti
M116 (230032 byte) - Mount Palabione reflected in a little lake M294 (277171 byte) - Armisa Valley and Mount Vetta di Rhon M295 (279766 byte) - Panorama from Bivouac Resnati (1950mt) North side of Mount Pizzo Coca
M316 (242094 byte) - Le Foppe (1360mt) Armisa Valley M317 (207401 byte) - Hut Pesciola (2004mt) in the Armisa Valley M344 (263323 byte) - Primi Masun Hut (1310mt) going up to Alpe Piazza Bivouac (1840mt)
M346 (374707 byte) - Lake Trona (1805mt) M342 (310332 byte) - Alpe le Zocche and some crocus reflected in a puddle (2068mt) M343 (190896 byte) - The little lake Zocche (2060mt)
M345 (318974 byte) - Alpine pasture Prato del Conte (1441mt) going up to Scarlonz÷÷ Bivouac (1725mt) M366 (279576 byte) - Ambria Valley

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