Val Malenco 4 - Other photos - SO/Italy
M67 (219237 byte) - The frozen lake Palý M75 (216468 byte) - Autumn climbing mount Palý M90 (334007 byte) - Forame valley climbing to Longoni hut
M91 (265842 byte) - The artificial lake Campo Moro M93 (220376 byte) - The basin of lake Gera M117 (298884 byte) - Lake Palý from mount Motta
M350 (335529 byte) - A bridge over Torrent Mallero at S. Giuseppe (1420mt) M351 (247230 byte) - A stream near Bosio Hut (2086mt) M352 (279304 byte) - A stream near Bosio Hut (2086mt)
M329 (274813 byte) - Hay-loft covered with snow at Dosso dei Vetti (1813mt) M357 (196090 byte) - Lake Gera

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