Val Camonica 4 - Varie - BS/Italy
M158 (258785 byte) - Lissone Hut (2020mt) and Mount Corno di Grevo (2827mt) M159 (289822 byte) - Adamè Valley M184 (300999 byte) - Sega d'Arno Chain
M185 (289096 byte) - Among the stones of the path climbing to Maria e Franco Hut M186 (271089 byte) - Lake Dernal (2478mt) M187 (304220 byte) - Maria e Franco Hut at Dernal Pass (2574mt)
M188 (298822 byte) - Springtime view of Mount Pizzo Badile Camuno (2435mt) M189 (206097 byte) - Mount Concarena (2549mt) M220 (76295 byte) - Daybreak at Torsoleto Hut (2390mt)
M214 (259482 byte) - Lake Piccolo (2378mt) M215 (165037 byte) - Lake Piccolo and Mount Bernina (4049mt) far away M216 (125853 byte) - View over the clouds from Bivouac Davide (2645mt)
M160 (264605 byte) - Viso Valley climbing to Bozzi Hut (2478mt) M277 (238960 byte) - Mount Ario (1755mt) M278 (217180 byte) - Mount Ario (1755mt)
M05 (113547 byte)  Brandet Valley M94 (164614 byte) - Mounts Sellero and Telenek M315 (297991 byte) - Gasso Valley towards Mount Guglielmo

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