Pian del Nido Bivouac

The Pian del Nido Bivouac is located south of the Lei Lake, near the Alpe del Nido, and it is mainly accessible from the following itineraries. Actually is closed and unusable.

Going down the Spluga Pass to the Grisons Canton reaching Splügen and Avers, then going over the Ferrera Valley.
Not far from the village Innerferrera (1480mt) there is a crossroads, which, on the right, goes up to a tunnel; going on, the custom and a park space in front of the dam are found.
The tunnel is only open from May to November, from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.
The dam (see picture below), built in the ‘50s, is 690mt long and 173mt. high, and serves as barrier to the Reno di Lei, one of the rivers that form the Reno.

After the dam the path turns left (the Baita del Capriolo Hut may be clearly seen slightly uphill on the right hand, 15 minutes away) and goes on, partly asphalt and partly unpaved, in direction South.
The road is about 20mt above the lake basin.
The Pizzo Stella (3163mt) rises grandly in front of the observer, whilst on the right side countless waterfalls alleviate the walk in the sun.
After about seven km, at the end of a hill, on the right hand, there is the C3 path going over the Angeloga Pass and then down to the Chiavenna Hut (signboard: “Angeloga h. 2:30”).

After coming at the end of the lake (see picture below), the huts of the Alpe Pian del Nido may be reached in about ten km by walk.
The bivouac is the last building, on the first floor above a stable.
The whole path is part of the Trekking of the Spluga Valley.
Time: 2 hours by walk (less than 1 by bike).

From the Chiavenna Hut, going along the Nero Lake (2351mt, 1 hour) and over the Angeloga Pass (2391mt, 1:15 hours), it takes 2:30 hours to reach the bivouac.

Excursions starting from the Hut:

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