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The island of Ponza is located 23 miles off the southern coast of Latium and is the largest of the Ponziane islands.
The other islands of the archipelago are Palmarola, Gavi, Zanone, Ventotene and Santo Stefano. All of them are rocky, sometimes steep and have volcanic origin.
The town of Ponza and the two villages of Santa Maria and Le Forna have 3315 inhabitants on the whole.
The island is 7.35 km long and from 200mt (between Cala Inferno and Cala dell'Acqua) to 1500mt wide.

St. Silverio pope, killed here by a hired assassin in the year 538, is the patron saint of the island, and is commemorated each year, on June 20, with solemn celebrations.

Some of the beaches and creeks surrounding the island are accessible only by sea. Other ones are reaching with steep paths or steps.
Only exception is Chiaia di Luna beach with its sickle-shaped profile and a cliff rising out more than 100 meters reflecting its soft-yellow and grey colours into the sea. This beach, considered the best one of the island, can be reached directly walking through a tunnel of the Roman period. The legend recounts that Ulysses met Circe here.

Frontone is another fine beach with pebbles and sand. It can be reached on foot starting from the main road at Treventi and going down with a not asphalted road and some steps. Frontone beach is also connected to the harbour with a rapid and no-stop service of shuttle boats.

Among the rocky creeks, worthy of a visit are Cala Felce, Cala Fonte, Cala Gaetano and La Caletta.

Hikers, as well as going down to the sea, can also reach the top of Colle della Guardia (283mt) in the South of the island or Monte Incenso in the North side. Looking from the summit of these hills, it is possible to see a wonderful view including all the islands of the archipelago and the Circeo promontory along the coast of Latium.

Ponza is surrounded by many caves and rocky islets. So a boat tour is indispensable to enjoy them.
It is possible to navigate around the island with a boat sailing from the harbour. During the excursion, one day long, it is possible to see the panorama, to swim in a limpid water and to dine on board.
During the trip you can see for example, but not only:
- Pilate Grottoes; swimming-pools excavated two thousands years ago in the Roman period to be used for the moray breed.
- Bagno Vecchio beach; an ancient commercial port sheltered by the tall rocks of Calzone Muto.
- The stately lighthouse, one of the best lighthouses in the Mediterranean Sea, situated at Punta della Guardia in the far South of the island.
- Cala Feola and its natural swimming-pools, always crowded with people in summer time.
- Gavi, a small island at the far North of Ponza, near Cala Felce.
- Spaccapolpi, a wonderful natural rocky arc, near Cala Schiavone.

Summer, when the temperature is about 26, is the best period to visit the island. May/June (brooms bloom) and September allow to enjoy a good climate and more peace and quiet.

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