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Among the countries of the South West of Asia, Thailand (= country of free men) stand out for the beauty of the coasts and for the smile of the people.
Its shape remind the head of an elephant, whose proboscis extends between the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand.
It has a tropical-monsoonal climate and the best period to visit it is in winter when enjoys a dry climate and an agreeable temperature.

Koh Samui is the largest island of an archipelago of 160 units, situated in the Gulf of Thailand.
It is 25 km long and 21 km wide and it is situated 560 km to the South of the capital Bangkok to whom it is joined with several daily flights.

One of its main features is a large quantity of coconut palms covering it, both in the beaches and in the hills.
In fat coconut, together with tourism, is the main income for the islanders.
Orchids and bougainvilleas with several different colors grow naturally in the inside part of the island and along the edges of the streets.

The island is crossed by a chain of hills and is surrounded with long and wide beaches, mainly to the East and North sides.
In these beaches there are some hotels, with their beach umbrellas and beds but, among the different constructions, remain absolutely free and peaceful wide spaces where it is possible to relax in solitude or take a bath in a clear and crystalline water.

Chaweng in the East coast, has the largest and more famous beach with seven km of white sand, palms and clear water.
In my opinion, however, he best one is Chaweng Noi, a smaller beach a little to the South of the largest Chaweng from which it is separated by a little promontory and by a river.
It has the same characteristics but it is really more peaceful.
In the evening, some little restaurants place their tables in these beaches; a few baths are enough for a pleasant dinner with fish or other products of the local food.

Among the excursions that you can do, it's worth visiting Koh Tao and the three little islands Koh Nang Yuan, taking an hour with a motorboat.
These last islands are connected by two strips of white sand and it is possible to pass easily from one to another.
Going up to the top of one of these islands, you can take in at a glance the whole bay and the limpid sea with variegated light and dark blue nuances.

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