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Isola del Giglio is an island located 11 miles off Argentario promontory, 35 miles south of Elba, in the southern corner of the Tuscan archipelago, a group of island situated between Tuscany and Corsica.

Giglio is the second largest island of the archipelago after Elba; the other islands are: Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Giannutri.

Almost completely mountainous, its highest point, Poggio della Pagana, reaches 1500 feet a.s.l.

Isola del Giglio lies uninhabited for 90% of its territory.
The population (1500 inhabitants) is concentrated in three villages: Giglio Porto, a small picturesque harbour; Giglio Castello, with its medieval fortification on top of a mountain; and Campese on the western coast.

The coast is 18 miles long, made up of rocks, smooth cliffs and four picturesque bays: Arenella, Cannelle, Caldane and Campese.
Along the whole coastline there are small sandy or pebble beaches, some are accessable by land but most only by sea.

The island is connected to the mainland by a regular ferry service from Porto Santo Stefano that takes one hour.

The name of Giglio (Lily) doesn’t come from the name of the flower but form the latinization of the Greek word Goat that is Aegylion.

St. Mamiliano is the patron saint of the island, and is commemorated each year, on September 15, with solemn celebrations.

Summer, when the temperature is about 25°, is the best period to visit the island. May/June and September allow to enjoy a good climate and more peace and quiet.

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