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Cres is the largest island of the Adriatic Sea. It is 65 km long and from 3 to 12 km. wide. It is the Northern of the Dalmatian islands.

The coast is indented, the climate is mild and the sea is one of the cleanest of the Mediterranean Sea.
The West part of the island if full of vegetation and woods; the East part, on the contrary, is bare because it is more exposed to Bora, a strong wind blowing in this area.

Only a road crosses the island from North to South, and short diversions lead to the various villages and beaches.
The island is joined to the mainland with two ferry-boats that takes half an hour to go from Brestova (Istria peninsula) to Porozine (Cres), or from Valbinska (Krk island) to Merag (Cres).

The most important town is Cres (or Cherso in Italian language), having the some name of the island.
Its typical aspect still remains unchanged for ages.
The old houses gathered together around the little port and the narrow streets allow to bring back again to the ancient cultures and the dominations of peoples following each other in ages: Romans, Venetians, Frenches, Austro-Hungarians and Croatians of course.

There are other villages deserving a visit: Belj in the North in the wooded part of the island and Osor in the far South where a bridge join the islands of Cres to Losinj.
An other very interesting village is Lubenice, built on a cliff, 387mt height, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view. The beach below is one of the finest of this island. It is possible to arrive there only with a steep path or by sea.
Other noteworthy beaches are: Ustrine in the West side, to which it is possible go down with a steep little road, and, most of all, Malibok, on the other side, to which it is possible to go down after crossing the village of Orlec.

All the beaches are shingle or rocky and to reach them, nearly always, it is necessary a walk or a boat.
Only exceptions the two beaches of Valun (parking above the village) and the beach of the Martinscica camping, reaching with the car too.

A great attraction is the lake Vrana, to which it is not possible to go near. It is fence in, because it is used as waterworks for the whole island of Cres and for the near island of Losinj. This lake is situated 74 meters below the sea level.

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