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The Caribbean Sea: a myriad of islands and islets where the blue of the sea gets lost in the contrast with the blue of the sky. The sunsets with the sun that is extinguishing flaming in the sea; the white sand inflamed with glaring colors.

Among thousands of beautiful beaches, Cayo Largo del Sur may be the best.
This island with 20 km of white sand, is laying down in a crystalline sea, enjoying a fantastic climate because it is protected from the North by the larger Cuba.
For this reason, its water is always warm, inviting, with sea beds that are a true faunal treasure and the Cuban government put them under its protection to preserve the delicate equilibrium of this ecosystem.

Walking around Cayo means to discover hidden and charming places as Playa Paraiso or Playa Sirena.
Uninhabited until about twenty years ago, nowadays it is considered one of the finest and fascinating place in Cuba, where thin white sand beaches and little hotels are perfectly integrated in the surroundings.

It is possible to rent a car, a bicycle or a scooter, or use a free transportation service connecting hotels to the best beaches. At the beginning it was a simple tractor towing two vans with some wooden seats, now it has been replaced with some more functional little trains.
The only asphalt road connects the hotels to the airport, the port and the "pueblo", a village where live those who give theirs services in the hotels.

At pueblo there are also a kind of outdoor aquarium that gives hospitality to turtles of every kind and dimensions, in different basins.
The little turtles are assisted and attended here, from birth until they are some months old; then they are released in the water of the sea. In this way they will have more possibilities to survive because, otherwise, they would be captured immediately by birds and big fishes.

Do not lose a catamaran excursion visiting:
- the nearby coral reef where we can dive and swim among a multitude of multicolored fishes.
- the island of the iguanas, big grotesque lizards.
- wonderful beaches emerging barely from the sea, where admire large starfishes at the surface of the water.
- lunch aboard with lobster, under a sun demanding lots of sun cream.

The best period to visit the island is from November to April, when the temperature is about 27, fair weather, and we'll avoid the fearful summer cyclones.

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