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Map of Trentino and of Dolomiti

Dolomites is a mountainous region situated in the North of Italy between the region Veneto (province of Belluno) and the region Trentino Alto Adige (provinces of Trento and Bolzano).

The dolomia is a rock done, for the most part, with calcium and magnesium salts, that time has hollowed and modeled giving to these mountains unique appearances.
The red and worm colouring at the sunset gives them an unmistakable feature, full of mystery.
The "Tre Cime di Lavaredo" are the more classic example, they are three straight rocky peaks, reflecting themselves in the lake Misurina.
This is certainly the most famous and popular zone of Dolomites but we cannot forget that every corner reserve a different and sometimes unexpected landscape.

It's worthy mentioning the Landro Valley, with its wistful lake below the Croda dei Baranci; Mount Marmolada, Mount Croda Rossa and Alpe di Siusi a 54 square kilometers large tableland.

The main town is Cortina, a popular skiing center, well known all over the world.

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