Val Bondasca - GR/Switzerland

Map of Lombardy and of Bondasca Valley

This is a lateral valley of the Bregaglia Valley (South of Switzerland).
It can be reached exiting route 36 once reaching Chiavenna and following route 37 towards the Maloja Pass (1815mt.). Then, crossed the frontier between Italy and Switzerland, you arrive to Bondo.

From this village, after paying a toll, it is possible to drive along the valley floor on a not asphalted road, following the torrent Bondo and admiring the wonderful chain of the Sciore Mountains.
Reached the village of Laret and parked the car, it is possible continue toward the refuges of this valley at the foot of important mountains like: Mount Cengalo (3370mt.) having a awe-inspiring dark mass, and Mount Badile (3308mt.) so linear and squared.

For climbing lovers, the North edge of Mount Badile, is certainly an ascent to try; it has 750mt. difference in height (IV degree) in a decidedly fantastic environment.

For hikers, whereas, the finest and challenging walk in this valley, is the one that, at first reaches Sasc FourÓ hut (1960mt.), with 600mt. on a steep path, and then continues towards Sciora hut, going up rocky plates and lowing an iron ladder in a gully that ends at the foot of the hanging glacier of mount Cengalo, near the base of the North face of Mount Badile. Then, the path is all ups and downs, on rocks and stones covering a melting glacier.
After crossing all the valley, and passing under the impressive North wall of mount Cengalo, it is possible to arrive until Sciora hut, near the glacier of Bondo.
Finally, covering an other path, it is possible to complete the tour and to come back to the valley floor.

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